Github on a daily basis

Steps to be able to make a pull request

We can't push code to a repo if we don't have the permission to do so. This is the reason why we first need to fork the repo and we will push our changes to this forked repo. From there on github we will be able to create a Pull Request.

Step 1: Fork the repo and clone it.

First we need to get a local copy of the repository to which we want to contribute. For that purpose we must have first forked the repository. Once the repo is forked we can copy its url on our account and clone it:

git clone

Step 2: Connect the local repository to the original remote on github

When need our local copy to be synced with the project we want to contribute to. We want to ba able to update our codebase to stay up to date. For that purpose we need to connect our local repository with the base repository (I mean here the original repository or upstream repository owned by others).

cd stack-overflow-copy-paste
git remote add upstream

We can now fetch content from the repo to update our local copy:

git fetch upstream

Step 3: Connect our master branch to the original master branch

Right now, our local copy of the master branch is pointing to our personal remote repository, called origin. We want our local copy of master to point to upstream so whenever we pull changes into master it will get the latest changes from the upstream repository

git branch --set-upstream-to=upstream/master master 

Now our master branch is tracking the remote upstream/master branch.

Step 4: Create a branch for the code changes

We can create a branch on which we will code the changes:

git checkout -b pr/meaningful_name
//add some code
git add . && git commit -m "WIP: meaning message"

Step 5: Push the code to our remote

Now we can push our pull request:

git push -u origin pr/meaningful_name
//next time git push will be enough

Step 6: Create the Pull Request on github

We can go on github to check the forked repo on our account and look for "Compare & Pull Request" button. If not showing just click the create Pull Request button

Work in progress: rebase if remote is ahead

In some case when pushing new changes to our PR there can be a merge conflict. To solve this we can make a rebase.

git fetch upstream

We are getting a fresh last copy of master and then we apply our changes.

git rebase upstream/master
git diff //will show us the files that are having trouble
//edit and fix conflicts
git add . && git rebase --continue

Using rebase we changed history and by default git will reject our push.

git push -f

Work in progress: cleaning the history

git log --oneline //pick the commit_id
git rebase -i commit_id
git push -f

End of work

Leave a comment to let know the maintainer that the work is done.