what i do

I offer the development of websites and web applications with exceptional performance to provide the best possible user experience and optimized SEO.

My recommandation

Take advantage of the latest technological innovations for faster and safer sites. The technological standard of today is the JAMStack:

The real powers of websites developped with a JAMstack are phenomenal speed, optimized SEO and maximal security. My JAMStack of reference is GatsbyJS built upon React JS coupled through GraphQL with headless CMS like Drupal, Wordpress or Contentfull.

about me

I've been in web development for more than 10 years, first for big service companies like Capgemini and Bull, then in web agency.

My stacks?

On the frontend I develop in javascript with React 16.8+ ( + ecosystem), GraphQL and Gatsby. On the backend I develop in javascript on nodeJS and in php on Drupal and Wordpress.


I am passionate about technology and more generally I love to learn. So I spend a lot of time training myself, keeping up to date and developing new skills, so even if I don't have all the skills you are looking for, don't hesitate to talk to me about it, I love to learn!

Commitment ?

When I start something, I go all the way. I do things fully and never halfway. Trusting me means having the guarantee to get what we have agreed on in terms of scope, quality and deadline.

Contact me

You can reach me by email at christophe.seguinot@gmail.com